10 Strategies Used by Kobo's Top-Selling Authors



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    Jane Louise Johnson

    Great tips, thank you. Do you have advice for writers who work in several different categories? I have ready to print a travel book, a book of poems, and a novel about the music business. Can one use pen names for different genres?

    Also, advice to new authors - give it your best shot, spell check and check for grammar, syntax, repetition. Use a style that goes with the genre or format. Readers will come back for more if they're not put off by writing style.
    Shorter paragraphs work best for fast action. Longer passages allow for more reflective writing. James Joyce got away with seemingly endless 'stream of consciousness' sentences. We may not!

    Finally, another question - is it okay to republish work that has already been published online with another self publishing company? If it's updated, reformatted, enlarged or edited?
    Good luck to all new and existing authors!

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