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    Mark Lefebvre

    Hello Cid Cuoto Chaves.

    Thanks for your question. The free conversion tool that we have built into Kobo Writing Life is best for translating the more simpler text-based books (such as a novel) from a format like WORD to ePub.

    But it sounds like you are likely going to want to have what we call a FIXED LAYOUT EPUB (one in which the text isn't reflowable and where each page stages perfectly and exactly formatted similar to a print book that doesn't change). AKA a flePub.

    For conversion of a more complex book like what you are looking at, there isn't an easy way to export from PowerPoint into a properly formatted ePub file. What we might be able to offer is a conversion via some of the paid services that we have with trusted partners for taking your PDF file into a professionally formatting ePub file (which you can find inside the Kobo Writing Life dashboard under the AUTHOR SERVICES tab. You might, of course, also look for some free online conversion tools available as well.


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