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    Julia N.

    Hi there!

    We'd be very happy to help you with this. I think your may have contacted our Kobo Customer Care instead of Kobo Writing Life. We're the experts that can help with your self-publishing needs and for future reference, the best way to reach us is

    We'll be very sad to see you remove your titles from the Kobo catalogue, but if we can't convince you to stay, please follow these steps in order to remove an eBook entry:

    1) Go to the Writing Life Dashboard.
    2) Go to the eBooks section.
    3) Select the eBook entry you wish to remove.
    4) Look for the green 'Save and next' button on the right-hand side.
    5) Underneath that should be the option to remove the eBook ("De-list eBook")

    If you have already published the book, you will only have the option to 'de-list' it instead of removing it entirely.

    We have introduced this policy so that it will be easier for users to re-list published works if they change their minds at a later date (ie, rather than have to re-enter all the information in, all you need to do is hit a re-publish button).

    If you have not yet published the book, you will be able to delete it entirely.

    Feel free to reach out to us if you have any troubles.



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